"How Would You Like To Develop A Strong & Sexy Core With Your Own Personal Trainer Without The Usual Huge Cost?"

Now You Too Can Look Amazing Without Spending A Fortune on Gym Membership Fees!

Dear Keep Fit Enthusiast

Many of us are keen to keep ourselves in shape but attending a gym regularly just isn't an option. Not only can it be very expensive but the inconvenience of having to travel there, change, follow their routines as well as fit around their opening times just isn't practical.

Most of us try to keep ourselves in shape however there are always parts of us that are harder to 'keep trim' than others!

The whole basis to having a fit body is to focus on the core. If the central support frame of your body is in shape the rest the follow. It can often be difficult to find a workout routine that focuses on the body's core and that also shows you step by step how to start from a novice and build your core strength over time to an advanced level with those amazing abs and muscle tones that we all crave.

But now there is a solution.

Jogging, swimming and walking are all good exercises in their own right and will help to build your stamina. However what is really needed is a routine that you can develop at your own pace that will focus on developing that strong core. In turn this will develop and improve your stability, movement and co-ordination as well as help to prevent future back pain whilst improving your posture.


However, even though we may have had toned bodies in our teens and early twenties there are certain parts of us that over time, without regular work, will slide! But don't worry, there are proven systems and routines that you can follow which can over a short period of time, rectify this and today I have just the right routine to develop your core as you want it.

If you are looking to achieve that toned chest and abdominals then the solution is right here without having to attend a gym or buy lots of expensive gym equipment.

Now - I know what you are going to say... "Surely you need to have a Personal Trainer and spend hours each week at the gym...?". Well in part yes. You certainly don't need to have a gym membership. Why pay for all of that equipment that you are NOT using when all you need is a mat and a ball!

"Ah yes, but what about the personal trainer?" I hear you say, "they must cost a fortune." Well yes they do, however there is another way that you can have your very own personal trainer, who will work with you at your pace, when it suits you and in your own home.

You see, the real problem is... it takes time and effort to attend a gym...

  • there's the time needed to travel there;
  • you have to get changed;
  • there's the time you have to actually spend working out;
  • you have to fit in with the trainer's schedule - and that doesn't always suit;
  • not everyone likes to share their experiences with strangers;
  • gyms can be intimidating places if you are not already an Adonis!

Ideally, most people would like a 'personal trainer on tap'. Someone they can switch on (& off!) at any time of the day or night whenever they have 30 minutes to spare... a 'virtual personal trainer'.

And that is exactly what I have for you today... a full workout on video that not only shows you how to build that core but to also develop and tone all of your major muscle groups.

Impressing Friends

Just imagine the 'feel good factor' when your friends and colleagues mention in passing how you look slimmer and have far more shape than before. Especially now that you can buy those clothes that really show off your physique... and when they ask how much time you spend at the gym, you can honestly say that you don't!

Not to mention those summer months by the beach, on holiday or at the pool. The extra confidence that a good body will give you will be amazing. Just imagine, no more worrying about who will see you or seeing other peoples eyes drop to that slightly rounded tummy. Instead they will be looking at a toned six-pack!

"OK, so how does this work then, what is the secret?"

I would like to introduce you to your own Personal Trainer, Daniela Vanucchi, on this 3-video workout programme called:

Ultimate Core Workout


This core stability and toning programme is newly released in the UK.

In the first video you will meet Daniela, who is your personal trainer as she explains how to use the Ultimate Core Workout to build a strong core to build your stability, improve your movement and further develop your coordination.

Daniela is an expert in keep-fit and has taught thousands of people how to get the body they dreamt of with straight forward, targeted workouts. She is YOUR highly qualified personal trainer. She is a:

  • Registered Biokineticist - HPCSA
  • IIFT Personal Trainer
  • CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) - NSCA
  • CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) - NSCA

Each video starts off with a welcome and an explanation of the workout structure. These consist of four circuits, each circuit having three exercises (which you do for 30 seconds each with a rest after)

Video 1: Ultimate Core Workout For Intermediates

The first video then moves on to the actual beginners exercises. The only equipment that you will need to consider having for these is a mat, no more. Once you have mastered these exercises then you should be ready for the second video.

Video 2: Ultimate Core Workout For Beginners

The format of the second video, the intermediate Ultimate Core Workout is similar in design to the first except you will need an exercise ball as well as a mat for these. These Ultimate Core Workout exercises will take you and your body to the next level of fitness which you will really notice.

Once you have mastered these exercises over the course of a month or so, then you should be ready for the third video: the advanced Ultimate Core Workout.

Video 3: Ultimate Core Workout For The Advanced

You will need no more than the mat and ball for these exercises too. However this Ultimate Core Workout will move you to within reach of that ultimate goal of fitness and stability.

This is the Ultimate Core Personal Workout programme... it fits into your schedule no matter how busy you are. Simply do your exercises at a time and on a day (or days) of the week that suit you... all in the convenience of your own home!

Get Your Own Virtual Personal Fitness Trainer... For Less Than The Price Of One Month's Gym Membership!

You know as well as I do that many people who want to take care of their health spend a fortune joining a gym... in some places gym membership can be over £100 per month! ...and that's often after paying out a joining fee first! And another thing... those monthly fees don't include the attention of a qualified personal trainer.


What's worse... a high proportion of those people rarely use the gym as frequently as they had planned - even though they signed up for a 12 month. And, of course, that's another problem... trying to cancel a gym membership you are not using is easier said than done!

Bargain Price - Act Now...

So, why waste a fortune on joining and paying for a gym membership? In fact, I'm going to offer you this complete set of 3 videos, showing you how to exercise and tone your whole body with the Ultimate Core Workout for a lot less than just one month's gym fees would cost you.

What's more... you get the added advantage of working with your own personal trainer... a trainer who guides you through each workout - and for as long or short a session as you want - at any time that suits you.

Grab your Ultimate Core Workout programme today for the bargain price of just...


Imagine it...

It's a sunny, warm summer's day. And instead of hiding those problem areas beneath baggy clothes, you will now be able to proudly show off your newly toned physique and enjoy the admiring glances you are attracting.

Your 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Although I know you'll see, within a very short space of time, how easy it is to tone and trim your body following these Ultimate Core Workouts, I'm giving you a full 30 days to review and try these exercises for yourself.

If you don't feel these videos have shown you the incredibly effective exercises you can use immediately to improve your physique, even in those 'problem areas', then simply return the videos in resalable condition within 30 days and ask for a full and courteous refund.

By now you're probably excited about finally getting those hard-to-handle areas toned and trimmed. And, maybe, you are anticipating the immense satisfaction of impressing your family and friends with your new fit body. So go ahead – watch your Ultimate Core Workout video set now.


Yes, I'm eager to get toned and trimmed with the guidance of my own virtual personal trainer. I'm looking forward to reaching my peak level of fitness and seeing the look of astonishment on my family and friends' faces when they see how toned and trim I am! Rush me my Ultimate Core Workout video set without delay.

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Join the thousands of other people who have had enough of expensive gym memberships. Get fit and toned in the comfort of your own home and with your own personal schedule. Request your Ultimate Core Workout video set TODAY!

Enjoy your energising workouts and your new impressively toned body shape...

Kind regards

[Your Name]

P.S. Focusing on specific areas of your body with these targeted workouts means you'll get the trimmed, toned body shape you want... all in the comfort of your own home, whilst saving a fortune in gym membership fees.

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